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CUTA New Officer

Congratulations to the newly elected CUTA officers:

Young In Cheon
Vice-President (Northern):
David Park, Cedric Robinson, Jun Yoon
Vice-President (Southern):
Joon Kim, Young Kil Kim, James Wilson
Secretary General:
Elvis Chavez
Treasurer General:
Chris Chang



March 4-5, 2011 at Las Vegas

Once a year KAMA hosts an annual Masters Conference open to the whole martial arts community. The focus of the meeting is to increase our business management, martial arts and marketing skills.  Covering modern business marketing skills to get new students in a natural way, new martial arts techniques to help our students, modern management techniques to run our schools efficiently.

CUTA club members will receive $100 discount.  Please email Ms. Ann at thecuta@gmail.com for discount code.


Past Events...

Congratulation to CUTA Teams Victory!
International Taekwondo Festival
Industry Hill Expo Center, California
May 28-29, 2010


Thanks to our CUTA Coaching Staff for doing an exceptional job: Team Head Coach Hyon Lee; Coach Clyde Gordon & Coach Walter Vargas.
Junior Team Female: 2nd Place
Fin/Fly: Nicole Carbon
Bantam/Feather: Deridanne Morales
Light/Welter: Olivia Bryant
Lt Middle/Middle: Tiffany Khu
Lt Heavy/Heavy: Paige Aguirre

Junior Team Male: 2nd Place
Fin/Fly: Johnny Vazquez
Bantam/Feather: Derek Le
Light/Welter: Gabriel Martinez
Lt Middle/Middle: Eric Mastrolonardo
Lt Heavy/Heavy: Alex Mastrolonardo

Senior Team Male:
Fin/Fly: Kevin Chavez
Bantam/Feather: Devon Guider
Light/Welter: David Adjetey
Lt Middle/Middle: Brian Kim

Taekwondo Team First USA Athletes to Visit Chelyabinsk Russia
The USA Taekwondo team arrived in Chelyabinsk, Russia on April 23,2010. Head Coach of the 2000 USA Olympic Team, Grand Master Young In Cheon, and junior athletes from the United States were invited by the Chelyabinsk Taekwondo Federation to compete at the 7th International Taekwondo WTF Olympic Hopes Championship on April 26-30 2010. Upon arrival, the team was greeted by former Olympian and Russia Olympic Committee member Sergey Pak. Pak was very excited to inform Team USA and VIP Young In Cheon that this was the first time athletes from the United States were visiting the Chelyabinsk area to compete in a sports event. This is truly a historical event and Chelyabinsk Taekwondo Federation President Kiselyov Anatoliy expressed his gratitude to Team USA for participating in this event.
Grand Master Cheon and Team USA are very proud and fortunate to be spearheading the building of a firm relationship with Russia. With Taekwondo being the foundation, it will be a relationship that is built to last. Team USA consists of 8 members: VIP member Young In Cheon, team coach Master Nathan Doggett (Royal Martial Arts, Michigan), team manager Veronica Braun, and athletes from California, Mark Kang, Samantha Braun, Nathaniel Ahlstrom, Madison, and Nicole Motoyasu.
The athletes gave a great competition and in the end Samantha Braun won silver 2nd place and Madison Motoyasu won gold 1st place for Team USA.
Special thanks to California Unified Taekwondo Association and Kwon USA for their support.

2010 USA Taekwondo California State Championship

The tournament was held on Saturday March 20, 2010 at California State University-Dominguez Hills. We had over 600 competitors! Thank you everyone for helping make this a successful event.
CLICK here to view winners list
Click here to view photo gallery.

Korea Cultural Enrichment Tour 2009
The ten day Korea Cultural Enrichment Tour has successfully concluded. Special thanks to our CUTA President Grandmaster Pyoung Hoe Koo, who has worked so diligently to make this trip possible and to Mr. Sung Woo Park, Manager of Sports at Korean Cultural Center-Los Angeles, for providing funding for this tour. The ten day excursion consisted of numerous tours on the peninsula, elegant dinners with Governors and Mayors, and comprehensive Forms, Sparring, and Demonstration Clinics at the Kukkiwon and Keimyung University. All Masters received diplomas and certification from world renowned Grandmaster Kyu Hyung Lee (1988 Olympic Demonstration Master) and the staff of the President of the World Taekwondo Federation, Chungwon Choue. The highlight of the trip, however, was the visit to Muju. Muju is the region which was selected for the construction of the new Taekwondo Theme Park Facility. Muju is known as the "natural" county, whereas the region prides themselves as being far removed from city life. This region is also famous for their firefly festivals. The Park will be 570 acres and span across 9 valleys. korea trip 2009
CUTA Officers: President Pyoung Koo, Secretary General Yushen Lai, Special Assistance to CUTA William Kim
Korean Cultural Center-Los Angeles: Mr. Sung Woo Park, Manager of Sports
Masters: Young Ho Kim, Wook Chong Kwon, Danny Gonzalez, Francis Esposo, Jorge Galvan, Bobby Morales; Instructor: Clayton Tso, Parent: Mr. Sam Rahman, Mrs. Amy Lai; Competitors: T.J. Curry, Sammuel Rahman, Gina William, Mark Kang, Robbie Cantoria; Demonstration Team M: Huy Nguyen, Anh Nguyen, Long Nguyen, Peter Salas, Alvin Jong, Rocky Cao, Hazel Cruz, Lance Supnet
Click here for a complete tour slide show.

Welcome to the Demonstration Team M to the CUTA
The CUTA would like to warmly welcome Team M as an Official Demonstration Team of CUTA. For those organizations and tournament hosts who are interested in inviting Team M for demonstrations for their event, please contact CUTA.
team m
Team M Leader: Huy Nguyen (from right to left) Team Members: Long Nguyen, Rocky Cao, Hazel Cruz, Alvin Jong, Lance Supnet, Anh Nguyen, Peter Salas

For more information on the CUTA, please contact Master Yushen Lai at:
310-212-6010 or

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